Dr. Roger Phillips Sr. - Bringing The Word From Africa (Cradle of Civilization Birthplace of Christianity).

Bringing The Word From Africa

Bringing The Word From Africa
  • It was during World War II when war correspondents began to refer to North Africa and Northeast Africa as the “Middle East.” The term “Middle East,” quite simply, required no mentioning of Africa. This book is an incisive look at how the Word originated in Africa, how this mass continent was the Cradle of Civilization and more succinctly the factual Birthplace of Christianity. What a magnificent and mind challenging work which will impact the seminary world and religious praxis from Alexandria to Oxford University and the libraries in Princeton Theological Seminary. The International College of Bishops should cry out for copies to teach their Ecclesia and should no doubt mandate this work as required reading. While a great deal of what has been researched and written in this powerful literary piece, one will begin to see the difficultly and controversial subject matter taken on by Dr Phillips from the prologue through the final chapter.
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